Creating a Culture of Innovation

Creating a Culture of Innovation

Every kind of workplace is different; companies with honest employees tend to have basic things every day in business. Here are the features of employees that we would want to work at our technology company to create a positive workplace culture (Cebakova, 2019).

Creating a Culture of Innovation

Employees are friendly with each other

We need those employees that would respect their colleagues. Backbiting is the professionalism fully considered harmful in a work environment. Our targeted people must avoid that kind of activity and maintain a positive workplace culture in the business.

  • Good kind of Communication

To make effective Communication, for individuals that are the most essential for positive culture at an organization, it is too friendly Communication to their employees. Managers must give their employees frequent feedback on their work performance because satisfied employees lead the organization to increased productivity. Employees themselves should also be confident & encouraged by yourself to communicate with each other in the working environment and be provided to their employees with the proper tools to do so work. People must be honest, transparent, courteous, and proactive.

  • Opportunities for business

Best employees want to get a chance to make better themselves and grow for the job. Our business also wants employees who can work with a positive nature and create work environments with clear opportunities for advancement and development of the tools and training needed for success.

  • Employees cordial treated  

Employees should be judged only by their work, and personal relationships should be at the backseat in the workplace. Favoritism is also a bad thing in that culture; one’s should enhance their abilities and skills by themselves, not just because that person is his/her relative.

  • Appreciating the performance 

Managers have to polite and friendly to their employees and must appreciate the performance to grow them. Don’t criticize them, who have not performed well at their job instead of criticism, ask them the reason and solve their issues with Communication to them. That’s the way we have increased our business in a positive culture. Give them one more chance to make it better for the next time rather than firing them from the job.

  • Collaboration with cultures

Humans are social beings who are working together as a team or as a group on job tasks. We have encouraged them to collaborate with different cultures among employees, which boosts performance, morale, and business productivity.

  • Reward Systems

For a proper work environment that is important to encourage employees on their performance in terms of reward giving system. We have benefits to our employees who help us to meet the company’s objectives.

Two Leadership Qualities that make Good Leaders

  • Inspire Others

That is the most difficult and challenging job for a leader to influence others to follow the business disciplines. It can only be possible if our targeted employees, as mentioned above, inspire their other staff by setting a good example. When the work is going getting tight, they should look up to them and see how they would react to the situation. They should handle it well; they must follow the company’s rules & regulations that have been decided by our board of directors. As a leader, they should think positive in every situation and be motivational to others to inspiring them. Other people include staff, customers, etc.


When the term accountability comes in business, we have to need to follow the approach highlighted “A good leader takes little more than his share of the blame and little less than his share of the credit.” (By Arnold H Glasow)

Our company needs to subordinates that are accountable for what they are doing and what they have done. They do well in his regards, should be struggling to make a good leader for others, and make others realize for their mistakes and do work with them to improve. Leaders demonstrate accountability by taking responsibility on their shoulders, making themselves responsible for the results of their actions and decisions, and successfully putting effort into results. Leadership development can be helpful for company managers; they can learn how to set and meet the business expectations and how to hold direct reports accountable for that outcome they commit to (Wang et al., 2019).

Organizational Culture

Our company Leaders are vital to the creation of our workplace culture. A direct relationship occurs between leadership and culture. Leaders must appreciate their role & duties in maintaining our organization’s culture (Sharifirad & Ataei, 2012). In which includes factors that directly affected business are given below:

  • Team-Oriented
  • People-Oriented
  • Financial Stability
  • Innovation purposes
  • Result-Oriented Tasks
  • Detailed-Oriented
  • Aggressive in Nature

Many theories of management have been presented by researchers to make the business successful. Some of these theories are traditional, and some are novices in this respect. These theories are there to help the management to pave the company on the right side in the light of witty directions. Too stuck to old ideas and negating the new ones or vice versa does not ensure achievement. So, to attain success, in a more substantial part, or to lead your employees, one must follow both old and new theories.

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