Dietary Supplements are Beneficial for Health

Dietary Supplements are Beneficial for Health

Dietary supplements are beneficial for health. They can fulfill the gaps in your diet and can provide you with energy if you do not eat healthy and nutritious foods. They give support to your body and enable you to perform hazardous tasks throughout the day. The researchers have maintained that in the United States, the use of supplements has risen from the past few decades. But here a question arises, which supplements do your body need? How much and how often do you need it? Nowadays, there are a lot of supplements available in the market, and most important of them are mentioned below. The use of them within limits ensures the health and healthy immune system (Rawson et al., 2018).

  • Calcium
  • Zinc
  • Iron

Dietary Supplements are Beneficial for Health


The need for calcium supplements has risen due to the growing focus on bone health among men, women, and children. Healthy bones are necessary for a robust structure. To meet with daily healthy activities, it is particularly essential to focus on the need for calcium deficiency. The function of the heart, body, and mind depends on the need for calcium. It protects against diabetes and high blood pressure. The need for calcium depends on age and sex. Plenty of calcium as a supplement is available in green leafy vegetables, dairy and meat, dairy products, and fish.

Calcium supplements are not for everyone. They are helpful only in case of osteoporosis or in case of any bone disease. The excessive use of calcium can result in conditions related to heart and mineral imbalances. So, to know the need for calcium, one must get it confirmed by the doctor to avail of the use of it.


Zinc supplement is necessary for the immune system as well as for the better growth of the body. But, as the organization grows and gets strengths, the use of zinc as a supplement should be avoided because it can cause health at risk. The use of zinc is useful in the case of colds and flue. If someone is feeling a scratchy nose and throat, the use of zinc can shorten it up. The continuous use of zinc without doctors’ recommendations can cause an incurable disease named as cancer.


An iron supplement is integral for the essential growth of the body and mind. It is part of many body’s enzymes and proteins. It helps in the transportation of oxygen in blood cells. The deficiency of it can cause severe problems like fatigue, poor work performance, and an imperfect immunity system. The need for iron cannot be attained by the use of vegetables and fruits only. In case of meeting with its requirement, one should add in their routine the doctor’s recommendations in the form of pills and multivitamins. But excessive use can create health problems instead of advantages. The highly recommended iron by doctors is in the form of ferrous sulfate. The FE tablets are highly absorbable, widely available, and friendly budget and commonly used by people with low side effects.

In short, the use of all these three supplements should be there in the daily life of an ordinary man, as well as athletes. Above all, the use of them should depend upon the advice of a doctor. Otherwise, they can cause specific ailments (Dwyer et al., 2018).


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