students has launched vision mobile app based software

Group of 10 students has launched vision mobile app-based software to screen people’s eyes in less than 2 minutes. A free of cost application that connects blind and visually impaired people with visionary volunteers for visual support through an online video call. Every day, blind people volunteer to give their eyes so that they can solve large and small tasks to assist blind and visually impaired people living a more independent life. As blind or visually impaired persons are in the community, our volunteers (a group of students) are happy to help whenever you need visual assistance. With the help of this app, visually impaired person and a volunteer can communicate directly and resolve an issue. The volunteer will support and guide patients as blind people may need some help with screening.


Group of 10 students has collected some research on people with disabilities in their surroundings and the problems they are facing. It has been analyzed that people with low vision or visually impaired are most at risk in the region due to the shortage of local eye care workers. There is only one ophthalmologist with two technicians to look after areas with a population of 10,000. They felt that there should be some digital-friendly procedures to control the backlog of pending patients with two health workers. So, they introduced a mobile app that helps health workers respond to more people in less time.

Need Analysis

Research says that the cost, quality, and time-consuming process of caring for eye patients is needed to see patients at risk and need such patients as cataracts, glaucoma, and diabetes (Pollock, 2012).

Project Description

The project will be based on technology. The software students will train the health staff to use the application and their features to implement it plan as soon as possible. Students will need technicians as screeners, and then a referral mechanism or appointment will be made with one and only ophthalmologists.

Plan of Work

Two software experts will be working as master trainers on software configuration in purchased two mobile that will be supporting the software.

Two of the students will work as mobilization part to aware people on software betterment and benefits for the patients on the waiting list due to minor refraction error patients.

The two students will provide recipient support to incoming patients as a guide for the next step.

Two students will work with the technical team (eye technicians) for any support logistics.

The two students will work long-term with an ophthalmologist and will run the same application with other health professionals.

Most important, the advocacy with the local hospital for one small room to continue the activity.

Impact and Sustainability

Strong coordination is needed to sustain the program for two months and raising the funding onwards. Volunteer students will play a role with local health administration to implement the software in other locations.

Timelines of Project

The project’s duration will initially be two months, and the program will be subject to local assistance.


People in reluctant areas are most at risk of necessities; quality health is an essential part of life. Being part of society, our students realized that they could play a fundamental role by giving their little time during their studies even. Eye health care is left out part of our society due to fewer professionals in the field. As assets are less and people are overpopulated, so that health care can be a challenge for the community (Borkowski, 2015).

In this age of technology, people no longer go to doctors in hospitals for regular check-ups but use digital networks to save their time and money. By using mobile applications, health professionals are giving more time to more people by qualitatively serving them.


The budget for this project is detailed below:

Inclusive Eye Health Care by using a digital platform

Result 01 vision mobile app-based software Unit Quantity




Unit Cost


Total Cost


Activity 01.01 Logistics
Item 01.01.001 NOKIA 6.2 2 Nos 4,000.00 8,000.00
  01.01.002 Laptop Corei 7 1 Nos 10,600.00 10,600.00
Item 01.01.003 Furniture and fixture 3 sets 3 Set 1,800.00 5,400.00
Sum   Total costs Activity     1,700.00 24,000.00
Activity 02 Human Resource        
Item 02.01 Doctor Honorarium 2 Months 3,000.00 6,000.00
          3,000.00 6,000.00
Sum   Grand Total     4,700.00 30,000.00



Borkowski, N. (2015). Organizational behavior, theory, and design in health care. Jones & Bartlett Publishers.

Pollock, A., Hazelton, C., Henderson, C. A., Angilley, J., Dhillon, B., Langhorne, P., … & Shahani, U. (2012). Interventions for age‐related visual problems in patients with stroke. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, (3).


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