In this modern age, which has become immensely digital, burglary, theft, and robbery have changed shape and form. Sophisticated methods have been adopted for crimes and therefore, physical presence for a crime is no more a requirement. Hence, layers of task force need to be established at the local level to minimize criminal activities. A logic model emphasizing the working of such a task force has been formulated. The primary issue is to get a grant to form a special task force that prevents criminal activities. The grants, when provided, allow getting equipment and technologies along with manpower to properly overcome the issue at hand. Sometimes an individual, a country, and some agencies provide grants. Next, we have to discuss the communities which provide funds for the prevention of crimes. After that, there is some teamwork against the crimes and frauds. Every team member should be hired in the areas of his specialty to get a grant for this noble cause


The Logic Model

A logic model has been formulated to get a grant to form a special task force against digital criminalities. To reduce criminal activities like burglary, theft, fraud, and robbery, funding is required so that professional staff, equipment, and technologies can be implemented against sophisticated criminals. This shall result in even better business patrolling activities, training of personnel, and ultimately a safe working and business environment where fear of common people is at bay along with businessmen. For this purpose, multiple types of grants are studied like general-purpose and project development grants. Furthermore, grants that may be ideal for this purpose are analyzed along with effective strategies to get a grant. The grant shall be utilized for the training of personnel, getting equipment and technologies that assist in patrolling of business facilities and local areas. This shall require proper teamwork strategy which includes documentation team for doing research over statistics and creating reports and ensuring proper working of the special task force. Then a financial team shall be responsible for allocating budget gained through grants and seed money, towards the training of personnel, buying of assets like equipment and technologies employing vast and smart ideas and principles that help in creating a better working environment and allows a business to prosper with people in no fear of digital crimes like burglary, fraud, theft, and robbery among other rising crimes.


The advent of technology and computers have allowed criminal minds to establish sophisticated tools to undergo burglary, theft, and likewise crimes. People are in a constant state of fear and anxiety. They can’t take a stand against them due to their force. In this state of affairs, peaceful working and business environment is a necessity. However, these crimes affect it and hence a special task force is urgently needed to identify and rectify this elephant in the room. Many types of grants are present which can be acquired for general purposes or for specific purposes like buying of equipment and technology to overcome enhanced criminals and their sophisticated tools for crimes.


The logic model prepared has covered all the necessary basis as grants are a need to get equipment and technologies to overcome sophisticated crimes. The grants provided shall result in the training of staff and volunteers, who will work in specialized zones like documentation team, policy framework and road ahead team, financial accomplishment, and budget preparation team for specialized task force working to provide a sustained environment for business growth. The documentation team shall do the necessary research and analysis of statistics and create reports over this looming issue. The finance team shall address the budget allocation for training, acquiring assets like equipment and technologies of sophisticated level, matching those of enhanced criminals.


In this digital world, criminal activities like burglary, theft, robbery, and fraud are commonality observed all over the world in general and in business cities to be specific. The primary issue is to get a grant to form a special task force that prevents criminal activities. Physical activity is no more a requirement in this modern age. Criminals have developed sophisticated and smart tools to assist them and probably lead them to the crimes mentioned above. A special task force needs to be formulated to suppress this rising issue, a concern to the business community in specific, to get a proper grant for training purposes, acquiring assets like equipment and technologies that match the smart levels of the criminals.

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