The Microbes At My Homework

The Microbes At My Homework

Question: 1 how can these organisms be used safely?      

All the material used for culturing the microorganism like plates, loops, media, needles, etc. should be sterilized to wash your hands properly before and after working area with 10% bleach and 70% ethanol solution.

The Microbes At My Homework

Question: 2 would you approve of this application?

I would approve of this application because it has fruitful effects. This addition of new organisms to cardboard waste dissolved in water and will change the waste into fuel. It is a useful application. Because it solves two problems at the same time. It has positive results.

Question: 3 what additional information do you require to make an informed decision?

To make an informed decision, need all the authentic information about bacteria in cellulosic bioreactors relating its culturing in the laboratory.

Question: 4 how would you vote on the issue of making a genetically-modified organism to reduce the amount of paper waste?

It is a good and fruitful idea the number of waste papers and to utilize that wastage into fuel

Question: 6 what are the three functions of cellulose in trees and other plants?

Cellulose makes up 30% of the plant cell walls and serves may functions. It is an essential organic compound on earth. It is the significant component of sturdy cell walls that covers plant cell. It makes up the stem of the plant leaves and branches. It also connects cells to form tissues.

Question: 7 What could be different about the environmental impact of a genetically engineered bacterium containing many different cellulases and related enzymes, as contrasted with natural communities of microorganisms that degrade cellulose?

This Change of paper into fuel creates negative impacts on the environment. Because smoke creates many problems and causes disease for animals as well for human beings.

Question: 8 How could we prevent a strain of engineered cellulolytic bacteria from escaping laboratories and biofuel factories into the wild?

Animals cannot degrade cellulose. These animals’ symbiotic microorganism to extract energy and carbon out of the diet of the plant.

Question: 9 how might HGT lead to unintended consequences with genetically-engineered bacteria?

HGT may transfer the recognized genes from a GMO to potential pests or pathogens, and many are yet to be identified organisms. It can replace the ecological niche or ecological potential of the organism and even bring about unbelievable changes in structure or function.

Question: 10 what precautions and protocols are used in biosafety level 3 and 4 labs to protect personnel and prevent the release of pathogens?

The NBLs and RBLs are functioned by the grant recipients, research institutions worldwide. All types of necessary precautions are used in Level 3 and 4 labs. For example, washing hands before and after the experiment, clean the area of culturing, etc.

Question: 11 what are your concerns about biocontainment?

Biocontainment carries all the facilities, equipment, and apparatus used for culturing the organisms. With the help of this equipment, all the experiments can be performed successfully.

Question: 12 how can scientists be better involved in the education of the public on controversial issues?

Scientists can be involved in a better way by telling them that they are the only individuals who know everything relating to the task.

Question: 13 Have you changed your vote concerning the creation of a genetically-modified organism to reduce paper waste? Why or why not?

No, I am of the view that transforming paper is a useful process. It is productive to change document into fuel as wastage.

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