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There are serious consequences of committing a crime. In the case of legal punishment, you might face a loss of authorizations, in which the government denies convinced rights and civil liberties. Probation Order is the example of this, which requires the court to refrain from certain actions and to adhere to its best practices.

Will Share Through Mail

The four main types of Sentencing option available to judge are:

  • Release
  • Fines
  • Social sentences
  • Detention (or imprisonment)

Once a defendant has been convicted or found guilty, the judge will decide the appropriate sentence during the sentencing phase of a criminal trial. A sentence may include penalties, custody, probation, postponed sentence, reintegration, contribution in community service, and restoration programs. The investigating court orders you to do something (or not) for a while. This is commonly called a probation order. A criminal who is released on parole or has a postponed sentence will constantly have a probation order that must be complied with. The probation order can be joint with penalties, conditional judgments, alternating imprisonment, or custody. The maximum span of the probation order is three years. In many cases, they last a year or two (Robinson, 2013).

Each probation order will have the succeeding circumstances.

  • Maintain peace and good performance.
  • Present in court by court order.
  • Or tell the law court, probation officer regarding a variety of names, addresses, or work.

Judges depend on the involvement of probation order and generally follow their endorsements. Many conditions can be when the judge does not follow the endorsements and it depends on the evidence and justice.

Q.2 use personal examples explain how criminal records would restrict you from pursuing your education/career goals? How would it impact your family and relationship? What jobs require criminal record checks?

Criminal punishment can derail your education and professional goals. Obtaining a qualified license generally involves disclosing your previous convictions and description of further criminal charges. The governing bodies of these professions may interrogation on your ability to maintain this job standard. The student may be expelled from the university altogether for offenses and other serious felonies. Students who can only have a virtuous time may not comprehend the full possibility of their activities. Even mismanagement illegal charges can have a thoughtful impact on grassroots lives, instantly and in the impending.

A criminal record would impact on family and relationship as they will suffer physical, sensitive, mystical trauma, and monetary loss. The families of the victims will also be troubled because their lives have changed, leaving them in distrust as they promised to protect their loved ones.

Jobs that require a criminal record check are:

  • Babysitting and education for instance daycare employees, school or university staff, institute, or college employees.
  • Healthcare for instance the nursing staff, the doctors, the lower staff i.e. cleaning and another type of staff and administration staff, etc.
  • Monetary services like financial consultants, credit authorities, specialists.
  • Government employees like officers in the police department, mayors,
  • Computer operator, data analyst, programmer, database administration, operational manager, etc.
    Q: how ha the Alternative Measures Program impacted your life? What have you learned throughout your involvement in Alternative Measure?

The Felonious Code applies alternative measures to traditional law court proceedings. With this program, adult criminals charged with certain crimes can accept accountability for their activities and resolve the dispute that carried them to righteousness, and pursue another path in which it does not include the traditional law court proceedings agreed by the Felonious Code. Numerous alternative measures can be used to inform criminals of the consequences of their activities and to play an energetic role in recompensing them. The program is correspondingly designed to decrease the possibility that the criminal will return to the righteousness system. The purpose of the Alternative Measure activity is to keep qualified adults. This individual is 18 years of age or elder. Distinct program is available for young people among diverse ages. There is ample evidence that a crime has been committed (Craigie, 2011).

I have learned through involvement in Alternative Measure that most of the peoples are worried about in what way alternative measures will impact their felonious record. Since this is not a crime detection or admission, alternative measures are not the same as persuasion. Although most criminal record checks will not show alternative measures, the circumstance that you have acknowledged alternative measures may indicate some extended criminal record checks for one year.

  1. 4 what will you do differently in the future should you be faced with a similar dilemma?

I will do something appropriate with the proper guidance of my teachers and parents so that I do not face such a dilemma. There is a conflict between dubious moral alternatives where what a person does not do will be compromised by a moral principle. By analyzing the choices and their results provides the basic factors for choosing me. In a moral dilemma, both selections are of paramount importance. Debate fruitfully, in addition to extreme moral violations; a direct conflict with an individual is the best way to complete the state. Give the individual a chance to explain their actions or correct their behavior first.


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